WarmUpp - Singer's Companion


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WarmUpp is a MIDI based warm up companion for singers and music educators. Use it to warm up your singer's voice without worrying about playing along on the piano. You have free control to adjust the range you want to start and end with. WarmUpp provides the maximum flexibility in your warm up routine because you can use any MIDI file as the basis of your vocal exercises.

The app comes with 5 common exercises to get you started, and there are many choices in how to expand your warm up setlist. If you have an external digital keyboard, you can connect it to your mobile device and record directly in the app. (In-app purchase required.) WarmUpp also allows you to import MIDI files through other apps, whether it's a music notation app or cloud storage app like Google Drive. If writing your own is too much hassle, then simply purchase the exercise pack, and you'll be ready to go with a total of 20 pre-selected exercises that target multiple aspects of your singing for an optimal warm up routine.

- Exercise playback in high fidelity piano sound.
- Change starting and ending key.
- Change tempo.
- Edit your exercise setlist. Delete, reorder, or add more exercises.
- Add exercises by importing through Box, Google Drive or other cloud storage app (for help, go to https://www.warmupp.co/import-tutorial/)
- Compose your exercise on the go directly in a music notation app like Score Creator, and then import the MIDI into WarmUpp through seamless integration.
- Plug in your external MIDI keyboard and record your exercise in app (In-app purchase required).
- Purchase curated exercises through the Exercise Pack and hit the ground running.

For more information, visit http://www.warmupp.co.

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