Music portfolio updated

I can’t believe I finished my first semester at Berklee Online! It’s been an incredibly rewarding learning experience, and I wrote quite a few pieces of music along the way. Through the Theory and Composition class, I scored a few film clips. Below is a glimpse at the work I did there.

I also had my first first introduction to electronic music. Using Ableton Live, writing music is so effortless and fun! You’re not restricted to the traditional analog instrument sounds, instead you can create boundless synth sounds that are completely unexpected. After learning about this, I can now tell how prevalent electronic sounds are in today’s music. Along with editing in Ableton Live, I also learned how to perform live with the program. Below is a mashup that I wrote and performed using Ableton.

For additional works, visit my music portfolio page.

I can’t wait until the next semester starts and explore more composition skills. Here’s to a music-filled year!

MJ Sun