I have a hard time sticking to conventions. Maybe that’s why I left my software engineering job at Microsoft to become an independent developer. Or I just cannot sit still for that many hours in the day. Whichever it may be, I found myself becoming an entrepreneur and an independent software engineer running my own studio. I make apps and other useful things. I also occasionally work on other people’s wonderful ideas. If you think you have a wonderful idea and need help making it a reality, feel free to reach out. It’s always easier when you’re not alone.

I also make music. Although I’ve been a singer all my life, I only recently started composing as well thanks to the wonderful degree program at Berklee Online. I am so grateful that I’ve found the ability to express myself through music. It’s opened up my world in so many interesting ways. I have posted some of my work on this site. I hope they can bring joy to your life as well as mine.


Things I’ve Done


Sun Studios

This is my independent studio. We make apps and other useful (and fun) things. We can also help you make your thing. We currently have an app in the Apple App Store called WarmUpp. It’s a tool to help singers warm-up. If you’re a singer or know a singer, you should check it out.

Berklee College of Music

I am currently enrolled here through the Berklee Online program as a part time music student. I am extremely lucky to be accepted to their Bachelor’s program for Songwriting and Producing. Learning everything about music and creative expression has opened up incredible possibilities in my life and enriched it in ways I couldn’t believe possible. I am looking forward to learning more and completing this program.


I spent three years working in the Seattle and New England office learning invaluable things from incredible people. The Outlook team are all wizards of C/C++ and taught me how engineers in the real world managed memory and asynchronous code. This is one case where I willingly followed convention for they made so much sense. The Store team was gracious to let me learn Angular on the job at real scale and gave me the opportunity to take responsibility for creating a major part of the site. They were true engineers and great people.

Cornell University

I spent my formidable years here getting a B.S. and M.Eng. degree studying Computer Science. Besides having so much fun here, I believe the people I met here helped shape me as who I am as a person. Also didn’t hurt that I found the love of my life here. So in short—fond memories.


For a complete list of my experiences and education, visit my LinkedIn profile.


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